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Property competition format Selling Super Houses has been rescheduled (again) by Channel 4.

The series launched on Tuesday 29th August at 9pm. Following low ratings, reportedly a third of the slot average, Channel 4 shifted it to 10pm the following week and placed a repeat of 999: On The Frontline in its place.

Tonight (Tuesday 12th September) Channel 4 have replaced Selling Super Houses with the first episode of Alone USA (which has been available on Channel 4 online). Selling Super Houses will now air Wednesday at 11:05pm.

Selling Britain's Super Houses will see PK offer eight incredibly ambitious Brits the chance to hit the big time. Alongside his wife Dorit, PK is opening the ultimate London agency and will stop at nothing when it comes to hiring the very best sales team the country has to offer.

The eight wannabe brokers will compete against each other in the cutthroat world of multi million pound real estate. Juggling demanding clients, uniquely British sales tactics, PK’s expectations, and the drama of having to make deals, they will do whatever it takes to get sales over the line.

With super agents styled by the super stylish Dorit and trained by one of Britain’s most successful self-made real estate entrepreneurs, this won’t be your conventional high street estate agents. The brokers will have some of the UK’s most exclusive properties at their fingertips, bringing a whole dose of Beverly Hills luxury to London.

Selling Super Houses and Alone USA are available on Channel 4 online.


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