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Changes to the billed schedules across BBC channels following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

UPDATE - 14:54

BBC Two schedule this evening as follows...

18:00 Richard Osman's House Of Games - as billed

18:30 Unbeatable - as billed

19:00 Garden Rescue - addition to the schedule

19:30 EastEnders - addition to the schedule

20:00 Gardeners' World

21:00 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

21:30 Martin Compston's Scottish Fling - as billed

22:00 QI - addition to the schedule

22:30 Newsnight - extended duration

23:15 Weather - later than billed

23:20 Film: The Remains of the Day - addition to the schedule

01:25 Signed: The Energy Crisis: Who’s Cashing In? Panorama - later than billed

BBC Breakfast airs as normal from 6am to the extended time of 10am on BBC One. BBC News will broadcast on BBC One for the entire day and through to tomorrow morning.

From 11:15am, BBC Two will show the scheduled BBC One daytime programming. This includes Homes Under The Hammer (11:15), Bargain Hunt (12:15), Garden Rescue (15:45) and Pointless (17:15).

Yesterday's displaced episode of EastEnders will broadcast at 7pm tonight (Friday 09th) on BBC Two.

BBC Two early evening programming including Richard Osman's House Of Games will air as billed.

BBC Two late evening programming including Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, will air as billed.

BBC Three and BBC Four schedules are to be announced.

Schedules are subject to change. This page will be updated throughout the day.


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