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Channel 5 has commissioned a brand-new series from Leeds-based eOne indie Daisybeck Studios; Great British Cities with Susan Calman.

The (6 x 60') series will uncover the stories of Liverpool, Bath, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow. Susan is embarking on an entertaining journey through time to find and uncover secrets often overlooked, as she delves into the stories of 6 of our great cities and the people who made them.

Across the UK, these are some of our great cities, where so many of us live and millions more visit, but beyond the bustle and the hectic lifestyles we often miss their real beating hearts. These are places of history, creativity, and places of heroes.

In these historical detective journeys, Susan's fascination with history is unleashed along with her unbridled sense of fun and inquisitive nature to seek out the people who really know the place they have always called home, and with the help of brilliant experts she peels back the layers of our collective past lives.

With access to little seen key locations, tips to really explore on a budget, and a free pass to our great city’s secrets, this is Susan Calman’s most revealing and fascinating series to date.

Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor, Non-Scripted, Channel 5/Paramount+ said: “This is a departure from the previous shows we have worked on with Susan. We’ll join her on a journey, through time as our history detective through the ages...

"Bringing her trademark wit and inimitable style to the tales she uncovers, it’s a really entertaining and informative watch. And you’ll never see our cities in quite the same way again.”

Mark McMullen, Executive Producer for Daisybeck Studios, added: “Susan goes on a journey to really explore the history, people and places that make our great cities what they are and along the way she uncovers some surprising and incredible secrets about these iconic places...

"This series is an opportunity for viewers to go on the journey with Susan and discover the hidden gems, incredible stories and intrigue that our beautiful cities hold.”

Susan Calman, commented: “I'm delighted to be making this new series , it's a real opportunity to delve deep into the history of some of the UK's most iconic cities and discover their hidden secrets...

"As always, it’s a going to be a fun journey but also enlightening and sometimes even emotional. I’m meeting lots of knowledgeable and entertaining experts at every turn and discovering things even local people might not be aware of about where they live.”

The Executive Producers for Great British Cities with Susan Calman are Mark McMullen and Paul Stead and the Series Producer is Sally Summers and Series Director is Rick Goodwin.


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