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The Jimmy Carr hosted series of the words and numbers game show mash-up, with Countdown regulars Rachel Riley and Susie Dent, will not be filming any news episodes this year.

However, it's not all bad news as Channel 4 have also confirmed that they have a series in the can from last year which will air later this year. A spokesperson said: "We have already shot episodes which are ready to air. To keep the show current we will shoot further episodes nearer transmission."

Deadline adds: "Deadline understands that talent availability plays a factor in filming and Cats Does Countdown has always been ordered ad hoc but sources tell us they feel the delay is a reflection of Channel 4's continued grapple with the ongoing slowdown and attempts to further spread out its shows across the schedule."

In the past weeks it was revealed that Channel 4 had also halted production on Hunted and 24 Hours In A&E. In the case of Hunted, the series which aired this Spring was shot two years ago, and it's understood that no recommission decision will be made until the celebrity series airs (which has been on the shelf since last Summer).

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown is available to stream now on Channel 4.


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