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The actress is a house guest at upmarket homes around the UK, looking around the five-star residences and getting a taste of the owners' luxury lifestyles.

For her first sleepover, Sally heads to central London where her host is property tycoon Kam and partner Anya, who live in a Mayfair townhouse worth over £30 million and not far from Buckingham Palace.

For her second sleepover, Sally visits a mansion in the Surrey Hills, where her host is self-made millionaire Pete, who was the youngest of seven children and hails from Lancashire.

Sally noses around his 13 bathrooms, as well as the £200,000 cinema room, and gets a taste of the high life - from a helicopter ride to a local vineyard, to a big night in with a private chef. The luxury trip is capped off with a jaunt on the water in a million-pound speedboat.

Sally Lindsay's Posh Sleepover (3x60') begins Saturday 6th February at 7pm on Channel 5.


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