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A+E Networks UK has commissioned four-part series Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter (w/t) for Sky History.

Ross's grandfather, ‘Pop’ Chalmers, was in the Merchant Marines during World War II and was shipwrecked and survived three times. Pop’s two cousins (Ross’ first cousins twice removed) both served and died aboard HMS Hood when it went into battle against the mighty Bismarck.

For the series, Ross Kemp will be joined by expert diver Emily Turton and maritime archaeologist and expert diver Mallory Haas on expeditions to shipwrecks in the UK, uncovering history from Britain’s past.

Ross will dive on WWI and WWII wrecks like the warship SMS Karlsruhe and SS Tabarka; a British submarine and the Iona II and an American Civil War ‘gun runner’ lost in mysterious circumstances in the Bristol Channel.

Ross Kemp said: “Every shipwreck I’ve dived on has had a story to tell, tales that echo from our past into the present. They speak to us of bravery, sacrifice, and progress but also of cruelty and heartbreak. I have discovered the impact the sea has had not only on my own family but also on world history. It’s been challenging; it’s been emotional, but it’s also been lots of fun. There are plenty more shipwrecks in the ocean and I can’t wait to dive on them.”

A+E Networks UK's Dan Korn said: “The series not only captures the incredible history submerged around the British Isles and waiting to be discovered, but Ross’s passion for and personal connection with the subject matter really shines through.”

The series will air in Spring 2022.


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