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Channel 5 have reportedly been forced to halt filming of its new series Ross Kemp: 72 Hours In... following an 'incident'.

Image: Blindspot (Channel 5 drama)

Deadline reports that filming has been paused mid-way through the series, which was announced by Channel 5 earlier this Summer. The outlet reports that conversations are taking place between Paramount UK and the producers on how to continue with the series.

A Channel 5 spokesperson said: ‘Filming had begun on the series, but due to unforeseen production challenges, we have made the practical decision to halt filming at the moment.’

The series will follow BAFTA award-winning documentary maker, actor and author Ross Kemp go behind bars in some of the world’s most high-security, high-risk prisons housing gang leaders, serial killers, violent criminals, drug lords and mass murderers to discover first-hand what it’s like to live life inside amongst society’s most dangerous.

From the notorious prisons of Latin America to the uncompromising penitentiaries of South-East Asia, Ross will be on the frontline of law enforcement’s fight against gangs, ruthless killers and organised crime.

Federico Ruiz, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 & Paramount+ commented: “We’re thrilled to expand our working relationship with Ross who is no stranger to immersing himself in some of the world’s most dangerous environments...

"This series will see him push himself further than ever before and experience raw, visceral reactions when coming face-to-face with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals locked up in extraordinary prisons.”

Tom Popay, Creative Director & Executive Producer, Chalkboard added: “We are excited to be working with Ross and Channel 5 on Ross Kemp: 72 Hours In... (w/t). This show is a rare opportunity to enter some of the most notorious prisons across the world. We'll pull back the curtain to show the inner workings of these complex institutions, and share what it’s like to be an inmate inside them.”

Ross Kemp added: “I’ve been to some of the toughest prisons in the UK and all around the world...

"I thought I’d experienced it all, and taken every adventure, but this time we’re going even further than before! I’m looking forward to my first documentary series with Channel 5 and taking you all on this journey with me.”

The series will air Channel 5.


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