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New reports suggest that Channel 4 are set to cancel reality series Rise & Fall, hosted by Greg James and made by Studio Lambert & Motion Content Group, after one series, as the broadcast continues with its budgetary woes.

It follows the cancellation of the civilian SAS Who Dares Wins, and Channel 4 sensationally axing its reboot of Four Weddings just weeks before production was to due to commence.

Deadline reports: "[Ian] Katz was said to be 50/50 about whether Rise and Fall would be renewed soon after it transmitted, but there is a growing sense that it will be difficult for the show to return given it was expensive to produce and fell well short of The Traitors. Sources close to Rise and Fall said mistakes were made in production, including filming it on a fast-turnaround basis."

Rise & Fall saw sixteen ordinary British people, from all walks of life and ages, begin the game as equals but soon find themselves either in a position of power as a Ruler or as part of the powerless as a Grafter.

While the Rulers live in an opulent penthouse, the Grafters must survive in basic conditions in the basement. And much like life, those in power will be responsible for making decisions that affect those who have none.

Greg James oversaw the action as the Grafters work hard to complete a series of gruelling games and challenges to build a cash prize fund only the Rulers can win. The Rulers must encourage the Grafters to work harder, but if they push them too hard, they might find themselves toppled from power.

Rise and Fall was an 18x60’ series made by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group.


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