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The programme in which families from opposite ends of the wealth and class divide swap homes, budgets and social status for seven days to discover how the other half live, has reportedly been ditched by the network.

Instead, Channel 5 are reportedly working on a pilot for a spin-off, which could become a series if successful.

The pilot, Old Money, New Money (w/t), will see two families from opposite ends of the economic divide swap homes for a week to find out about each other’s lives. The twist - one family is from old money, the other from new.

Airing since 2017, Rich House Poor House quickly became a Channel 5 hit. A total of eight series have aired to date. Channel 5 controller Ben Frow once revealed at the Edinburgh TV Festival that Rich House Poor House was the channel's youngest-skewing show after Big Brother.

A source told The Sun: "If [Old Money, New Money] proves popular it could lead to a full series, which is sure to delight fans of Rich House, Poor House. Although it’s a slightly different set-up it’s still based on the same theme of watching how people adjust to a different way of living...

"And that’s been the key to the success of the original show. Now Channel 5 will be hoping this spin-off works just as well."

Previous episode of Rich House Poor House are available to stream on My5.


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