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Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is to front a new Channel 4 series, Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions - the star's first programme for Channel 4.

Each episode sees teams of contestants go head-to-head and build their own 'Chain Reaction Machine', with mechanisms that are made from everyday materials that complete basic domestic tasks in the most complicated way possible.

Contestants will have access to the workshop full of purpose-built resources. Once complete, they will be scored by the judges based on the contraption's ingenuity and quality. At the end of the episode, one team of contestants will be eliminated from the competition, leading to a champion being crowned in the final episode.

Richard Hammond said: "I’m convinced the series will be a great watch for all the family, not only providing totally left field entertainment, but also presenting science and engineering in a fun and accessible manner."

Nick Hornby added: "There is something truly magical about watching Chain Reaction Machines in action, but to get to that point requires ingenious design, first class building skills and a bit of luck."

Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions airs on Friday nights later this month on Channel 4. More details will be revealed in due course.

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