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The latest +7 day consolidated ratings for programmes shown or released have been released by BARB. The top-50 breakdown can be found on BARB's website here.

The highest rating show of the week was ITV drama Red Eye with 6,661,000. The drama is produced by Bad Wolf, who also produce Doctor Who which continued with 3,579,000 for its third episode, Boom, which saw the return of writer Steven Moffat.

For the first time, Race Across The World came in higher than Britain's Got Talent. Both series continued with 5,571,000 and 5,503,000 respectively. The 1% Club followed with 4,425,000.

Elsewhere in entertainment, The Fortune Hotel launched on ITV on Monday night with 2,262,000. Four episodes aired across the week, however it was only the launch which made the top-50 programmes of the week. Gogglebox on Channel 4 continued with 3,397,000.

In drama, Bridgerton returned to Netflix for its third series with 3,673,700 and 3,593,400 for its opening two episodes respectively. Blue Lights continued on Monday with 4,238,000, Rebus with 2,984,000 and The Responder with 2,490,000.

In soaps, Coronation Street topped the week with 4,240,000 on Friday night, Thursday night's EastEnders rated higher than any episode of Emmerdale that week with 3,917,000. Emmerdale's highest episode was also Thursday night with 3,908,000.

All programmes mentioned above are available to stream on their respective broadcaster's platform.


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