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UKTV announces today that Question Team, hosted by Richard Ayoade, is returning to Dave for a second series (8x60’).

Produced by Interstellar, the UKTV Original series sets out to re-write the panel show rule book by making its comic players set the questions.

The first series was one of the top performing commissions on Dave in 2021, attracting an average audience of 397k and peaking with 563k for episode one.

Each episode sees three comedians join the Question Team. But they’re not there to just answer the questions; they are the self-quizzing collective, and each guest must bring a unique round of questions, inspired by their own interests, for Richard Ayoade and the others to play.

The sole stipulation is that their questions have proper answers, otherwise what goes down during their game is entirely up to them.

So far, the series has welcomed comedians including James Acaster, Bob Mortimer, Nish Kumar, Kerry Godliman and Desiree Burch to come up with their unique rounds.

Richard Ayoade said: “I am beyond thrilled to be providing a quote pantomiming genuine excitement w/r/t whatever I’m meant to be promoting.”

UKTV's Iain Coyle said: “What’s great about this show, is that you’ve literally no idea what is going to be in it, week to week, as every round is unique. It’s quite something to pull off for the producers and Richard is an extraordinary host for an extraordinary show.”

Dave's Cherie Cunningham said: “We love this show and seeing what unusual interests and inventive games the guests can bring to their rounds. It’s wonderfully silly and full of fun which is pretty infectious. The response from Dave viewers for series one was phenomenal, and we can’t wait to give them more later this year.” 

Jamie Ormerod, Creative Director at Interstellar said: “We’re thrilled to head back into studio for more trivia-based nonsense with Richard Ayoade and eight new Question Teams, each equipped with original games for this ever-changing format. Series one featured comedians jumping out of planes, high stakes lawn bowls and identifying crisps from the sound of their crunch. Series two promises rounds that go higher, with more jeopardy and even more crunch.”

The series will air later this year on Dave.


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