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BBC Two have commissioned a further two episodes of Putin Vs The West following the first series earlier this year.

The series tells the inside story of how Western leaders have struggled to deal with Russia as Putin tries to exert his power on the world stage. Putin and the West will take viewers into the corridors of power to tell the inside story of a decade of political strife.

Norma Percy, Series Producer, says: "We’re delighted that BBC Two has asked us to continue this series. As we always do, we will take viewers behind the scenes to show how and why the crucial decisions were made, and what it was like for Ukraine’s President Zelensky, Britain’s Prime Ministers and Western leaders as they struggled against Putin’s invasion without provoking World War Three."

Tim Stirzaker, Series Director, says: "This conflict has changed the entire world, and we hope to shed light on how those in power took decisions that had such huge ramifications. Making this series while the war is ongoing makes the testimony of these world leaders even more powerful."

Lucy Hetherington, Executive Producer, says: "Norma Percy and Brook Lapping have a track record of achieving unrivalled access, and that means that these series provide a first draft of history. Top decision-makers take us to the heart of key turning points, giving viewers a real insight into the exercise of raw power and the impact it has on millions."

Putin Vs The West will air on BBC Two. Watch the first three episodes on BBC iPlayer.


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