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A brand new four-part series, Prue’s Great Garden Plot, will follow Prue and John as they downsize to a modern barn they’ve designed together. But, their new home is surrounded by a plethora of rubbish, rubble, rusting buildings and so much overgrown vegetation that you’d be hard pushed to see anything resembling a garden.

For green-fingered Prue, a glorious garden filled with life and colour is top of her priority list, even more so than the house itself. Over the years, her garden has been the place where so many memories have been created and in recent months, her refuge and the saviour of her sanity.

Prue Leith: “I’m no Monty Don but I’ve been gardening for 45 years and just love it. But this garden has to be manageable by a pair of oldies none too keen on kneeling, bending or humping heavy gear. So, it’s a robot for the lawn, troughs for the veg, and pots on the terrace. And a fair few disasters!

Clemency Green, Commissioning Editor for Features and Daytime at Channel 4: “We are delighted to be joining Prue and John on their ambitious journey and have no doubt that the final result will be absolutely beautiful.”

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