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Prime Video will launch That Peter Crouch Film, an in-depth look at one of modern football’s most unique and beloved stars, sharing exclusive insight into his life’s most defining moments and struggles, from being jeered by fans during his professional debut to meeting his wife, Abbey.

That Peter Crouch Film is the true story behind football’s most unlikely hero. Belittled for his height and shunted from club to club, all logic suggests that he should not have had a successful career.

The film explores the long, arduous journey to reach the top – filled with twists, stumbling blocks, self-doubt, and alienation. After nearly 25 years since signing his first professional contract, Peter Crouch has only one question to ask himself… how did he get here?

The Premier League’s tallest ever player, Peter is known for his gigantic achievements on the pitch as an exclusive member of ‘The 100 Club’, he has made over 460 appearances on the pitch, with 42 international caps under his belt, scoring 22 goals for England.

He also created a celebration that would pass into popular culture: The Robot. The premium archive documentary will relive his early beginnings under his father’s watchful eye, to his career under some of the biggest teams on the planet.

Upon the film’s announcement Peter said: “When I was a teenager, or even a player, I’d have laughed you out of the room if you’d told me that I would have a film made about my career in football! But here we are and I’m so proud of what Workerbee and Prime Video have created. It’s an honour that this film has been made and hopefully it brings a smile to people’s faces.”

That Peter Crouch Film is produced and directed by Benjamin Hirsch, Executive Produced by Rick Murray and Nicola Hirsch is Head of Production. The film is produced by Workerbee.

The UK Original documentary film will launch exclusively on Prime Video worldwide on 22nd June, 2023.


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