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PREVIEW: The Wall Versus Celebrities (Christmas)

Broadcaster Stacey Dooley and infamous Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood try to win big against the Wall for their chosen charities.

How was it to go up against The Wall?

Craig: "Quite frightening as a matter of fact. I wasn’t nervous to begin with, but then I suddenly was faced with the enormity of The Wall. I mean the size of it is ridiculous, it’s huge, it sort of threw me. It’s the biggest set I’ve ever seen so that was daunting. The size of the balls were huge too which was quite amusing."

Did you and Stacey have any game strategy?

Well, we did discuss that we’re going to go for broke. There was no point in doing it if we weren’t going for risks so we decided that we would take risks, and risk it we did…

Did Danny give you any tips?

He told me, because I was the one going into isolation, that it can sort of melt your brain a bit. And you’ve got to be very focused in there. He said to take it calmly, look at the question, try and understand it. Take your time, read and understand the question, then deliberate over your answers. I found it really difficult. He was right though and you do have to stay calm and focused. But, once you’re in there it’s a completely different environment. It’s like going into a padded cell.

The Wall Versus Celebrities airs Christmas Eve at 6:55pm on BBC One.


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