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PREVIEW: The Sister, ITV

New ITV drama begins on Monday 26th October.

Nathan seems to have it all — a loving wife, a beautiful home and a solid, if unexciting, career. But Nathan has never been able to forget the worst night of his life: a party that led to the sudden, shocking death of a young woman… the sister of the woman who is now his wife. Only he and Bob, an eccentric old acquaintance, know what really happened — and they’ve resolved to keep it that way. Until one rainy evening, years later, when Bob appears at Nathan’s door with terrifying news. They’re digging up the woods.

The four-part series is written by Neil Cross and is inspired by the novel Burial, also written by Neil Cross.


Nathan (Russell Tovey) Bob (Bertie Carvel)  Elise (Simone Ashley) Holly (Amrita Acharia)  Jacki (Nina Toussaint-White)  June (Amanda Root) Graham (Paul Bazely)

The Sister airs Monday 26th October - Thursday 29th October at 9pm on ITV.


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