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PREVIEW: Secret Safari - Into The Wild, Channel 4

Kenya's breathtaking conservancy Ol Pejeta is one of the last untamed places on Earth and one of the most important wildlife conservancies.

A vast open wilderness that protects any animal within its 90,000 acres, Ol Pejeta is home to a vast range of species, from elephants, rhinos, hippos and lions to hyenas, ostriches and cocktail ants. Ol Pejeta is the setting for this brand-new series taking viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of an incredible cast of 13,000 wild animals.

This series reveals on an epic scale the huge emotional investment and the genuine physical danger that staff experience working to protect some of the world's rarest and most beautiful creatures.

Narrated by actor Andrew Scott, each episode explores stories of birth, life and death. In the first episode, a hungry pride of lionesses desperately need a kill, but Sekela, their best hunter, has gone missing.

Critically endangered rhino Lola has given birth, but the rangers are worried that her vulnerable calf could fall prey to predators. In the wetlands, crowned crane Malkia is in search of a mate. As crowned cranes pair for life, it's vital that she chooses wisely.

Secret Safari: Into The Wild begins Tuesday 26th January at 8pm on Channel 4.


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