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PREVIEW: The Queen And Her Cousins With Alexander Armstrong, ITV

As HM the Queen turns 95, Alexander Armstrong is on a royal road trip of a lifetime.

He’s travelling across the country to meet HM the Queen’s cousins - who’ll share what it means to be part of this extraordinary family.

With first-hand anecdotes, private letters and personal memorabilia, this is a rare glimpse into royal life.

Using the monarch's vast family tree as his road map, Alexander meets relatives from many branches of the her family- from the ancient Royal lineage of the Mountbatten dynasty, to the Queen Mother’s Bowes Lyon side - and an international princess.

But with such a huge family, how many of us could also be related to HM the Queen And are there cousins out there who don’t yet know they have a place in the Royal family tree?

The Queen and Her Cousins with Alexander Armstrong airs Monday 10th May at 9pm on ITV.


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