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PRU is a comedy about a group of teens navigating the pitfalls of adolescence in a Pupil Referral Unit, a school for excluded kids. It is told through the eyes of four gloriously reckless young people who can’t help but say the unsayable and do the undoable.

Halil, Hanna, Jaden and Belle are four very different 15 year-olds, with one thing in common. They’ve all been perm’d. Now, teetering on the edge of the education system, they’re negotiating Year 10 together at their local PRU.

In the pilot episode they constantly come unstuck, seemingly determined to make the wrong call at every turn, wreaking havoc on teachers and each other’s feelings as they go.

PRU’s authenticity comes from the writers’ and directors’ experience of working closely with young people in PRUs across London, over a period of years.

PRU will be available from Tuesday 02nd March on BBC Three.

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