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ITV show a celebratory documentary looking back at the 30 years since comedy legend Mr Bean landed on our screens.

On the 1st January 1990, ITV broadcast a new comedy show, one stand-alone episode called Mr Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson, who had already gained fame through the hit comedy show Blackadder.

This documentary explores the magic behind this unlikely hero and how just 14 episodes of the live action TV show went on to become a global sensation that is still making us laugh today. There have since been two top grossing feature films, three animated series and an online phenomenon. Mr Bean has a staggering 150 million followers and has over 11 billion lifetime views.

With classic clips and interviews from key creators, including Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, we’ll hear the real story behind this iconic character. Find out how he was almost called Mr White and how a famous scene from Four Weddings and Funeral, written for Hugh Grant, was originally conceived to be a Mr Bean sketch. Rowan, in his first recorded TV interview in many years, is candid about the pressures of playing and filming this iconic character, who has gone on to make him one of the most recognisable faces in the world.

Happy Birthday Mr Bean airs Sunday 10th January 2021.


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