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PREVIEW: Kirstie's Christmas: Quick & Easy Craft, Channel 4

Kirstie Allsopp helps us craft our way to a joyful festive season with her fastest crop of crafts yet. Simple, fun, affordable and all achievable in 45 minutes or less, this is craft for everyone.

Kirstie invites some of her favourite people along to craft alongside her, including TV-husband Phil Spencer, who gets the party started with some cocktail magic. Kirstie's sister, professional florist Sofie, helps with some festive florals that can be scaled up or down for any size of gathering.

And in the kitchen, baking supremo Nancy Birtwhistle has a raft of recipes, tips and tricks for all things foodie and festive - from using up leftovers to cooking ahead.

Kirstie also learns to make gorgeous bespoke cards out of leftover fabric, creates a stunning lightshow with LED wire, and rustles up some beautiful baubles and enchanting ice lanterns all in a flash.

The new series begins Sunday 22nd November at 8pm on Channel 4.


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