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PREVIEW: First Dates At Christmas, Channel 4

For Christmas, Fred Sirieix and his team head for the British countryside to celebrate love in the most festive of locations.

In a cosy hideaway inspired by the nation's favourite yuletide rom-coms, singletons from across the UK can expect a Christmas dinner like no other as they search for the most perfect Christmas gift of all - love.

First to get her festive flirt on is 28-year-old redhead Holly - a bed saleswoman from Epping who has a Christmassy name but struggles to find anyone to kiss under the mistletoe. Her date is 32-year-old Shane from Brentwood, who worries that his job as a plasterer puts off the ladies. Eternally single Paul is a 32-year-old PA from Reading who has never had a boyfriend.

He's looking to spend his first festive season away from the friendzone. His date Alex has also never had a relationship. But will this 35-year-old IT worker from London be the Christmas miracle Paul is searching for? James already has a new year's resolution as the 27-year-old roofer from Dewsbury is determined to lose his reputation as a player as he seeks to settle down.

First Dates At Christmas airs Wednesday 23rd December at 9pm on Channel 4.


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