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PREVIEW: Celebrity Snoop Dogs At Christmas, Channel 4

A new pack of Celebrity Snoop Dogs assemble for some festive, tail-wagging tours of their celebrity owners' homes.

In this seasonal special - narrated by property expert Kevin McCloud - pampered pooches wear Go-Pro cameras to snoop around their showbiz homes, which have been lavishly decorated for Christmas.

But there's a festive twist, as this time the celebrity dog owners are watching on and competing against each other to throw the others off the scent of whether it's their home and four-legged friend.

Can Celebrity Snoop Dog owners Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Gok Wan and Joanna Page identify whose home is whose, and who's leading them astray? Expect to sniff out presents, paw at Christmas trees and get into the festive spirit with this mix of naughty and nice from a dog's-eye view of the ultimate celebrity pad.

Celebrity Snoop Dogs at Christmas airs Tuesday 29th December at 7pm on Channel 4.


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