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PREVIEW: Billion Pound Bond Street, ITV

Bond Street has been London’s most exclusive shopping street for 300 years. The glamorous half mile between Oxford Street and Piccadilly boasts more luxury brands and more royal warrants than any other in Britain. It’s the place to go if you want a £20,000 handbag, a £250,000 watch or a multi-million-pound diamond. But who buys a designer bag in a pandemic?

As Bond Street battled to survive three lockdowns, it agreed to allow director Michael Waldman’s cameras in, to exclusively film behind the scenes with everyone from Dior and British jewellers Boodles to auction house Bonhams and royal chocolate maker Charbonnel et Walker. Narrated by actress Jenna Coleman, the opulence is staggering.

With revealing insights, from the Queen’s favourite chocolates to how one man occupies a prime Bond Street flat once lived in by spy Guy Burgess on a shoestring rent, this programme offers a unique glimpse into what the super-rich have been spending their money on in a pandemic which is said to have made them 25% super-richer.

Billion Pound Bond Street airs Thursday 10th June at 9pm on ITV.


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