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PREVIEW: Chris Packham's Animal Einsteins, BBC Two

Who are Nature’s brightest brainboxes? How do you measure an animal’s IQ? Some species seem to have a greater mental capacity than others, but what’s driven them to evolve such intelligence?

We meet the chimps with a better memory than us, cuttlefish that plan ahead, and bees that can count and play football. It’s not necessarily the biggest brains that win out but the ones that are engaged most efficiently - to solve problems, remember information and use tools.

Life in the natural world is undoubtedly tough: animals need to find food, create a safe home, attract a mate, raise a family and the most important of all - avoid being eaten. But it’s not only the physically fit that survive and thrive. Problem solving, cunning trickery and the ability to co-operate with others can give some animals the upper hand.

In Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins viewers will meet Nature’s savviest species who show that brainpower, ingenuity and clever tactics are just as important as brawn in the daily battle for survival.

With the help of experts, experiments and the very latest science, Chris Packham shines a light upon some of the smartest creatures and explores what has led them to develop such talents.

Each episode explores a very different skill, and showcases the animals that have honed that skill to perfection.


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