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Kieran Hodgson (How Europe Stole My Mum, Two Doors Down) leads a cast of comics in a satirical send-up of the life and times of Prince Andrew, set to a musical score from Kieran Hodgson and Freddie Tapner.

Written by and starring Hodgson as the prince himself, the storyline of the musical centres on the key events, relationships and controversies of Andrew’s life, including a reimagining of the former-HRH’s bombshell interview with Emily Maitlis, played by Emma Sidi (Starstruck, Pls Like.)

Joining the principal line-up are Munya Chawawa (Taskmaster, Race Around Britain), who is to play Prince Charles (as was), and Jenny Bede (Catastrophe, Murder In Successville) who will play Sarah Ferguson.

Joe Wilkinson will play a newspaper vendor; Harry Enfield is to take on the role of Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Baga Chipz is to play Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The hour-long musical extravaganza will feature seven original musical numbers, including ‘I Nailed It’ a high-octane duet set in the aftermath of the Duke’s Newsnight interview; ‘Will You Be My Ex-Wife’, a romantic ballad sung between Andrew and Sarah Ferguson; ‘Obey’ a stirring solo number in which Prince Charles reflects on royal scandals past and present; and Andrew’s rip-roaring finale ‘You’re Always Gonna Need an Andrew’.

Lyrics are by Kieran Hodgson, with original music co-written by Freddie Tapner. ‘Obey’ was written by Munya Chawawa and composed by Pippa Cleary.

Kieran Hodgson said “The story of Prince Andrew is tragedy and farce rolled into one, so why not add 'musical' for good measure? Some might find the prospect of writing and performing their first TV musical a tad daunting....

"Not me. I found it completely terrifying. But we've pulled out all the stops, put every penny on screen and let rip at an institution that would perhaps prefer us to forget about all this. Also, I'm on a trampoline for a bit. Enjoy, world!”

Stu Mather, Executive Producer at Hat Trick Productions said: “What better way to celebrate the festive season than with an hilarious musical, lampooning the country’s most high-profile pizza-lover. It has been a real thrill to assemble such a phenomenally talented cast for this all-singing, all-dancing (but no sweating) spectacular and we can’t wait for you to see it.”

Prince Andrew: The Musical will be made by Hat Trick and produced by Adam Reeve with Executive Producers Stu Mather and Jimmy Mulville.


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