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Zen Motoring | Preview (BBC Three)

Zen School Of Motoring (6 x 15) is a timely, meditative take on the world from the mysterious Ogmios, a strong new comic voice with affectionate humour and unique worldview.

Contemporary and contemplative, the series journeys with Ogmios as he travels in his car across the streets of London. We meet his community, while he philosophises and shows off his rap battle abilities against the backdrop of an ASMR-infused, atmospheric, dream-like soundscape.

Against a dream-like, atmospheric, ASMR-infused soundscape, we learn that Ogmios was a rapper, and his freestyle bars pepper the show as he philosophises and shows off his rap battle abilities. The series will reveal more and more about him as he offers glimpses into his life, his past, his hopes and why he became a Zen motorist.

Iain Wimbush, Executive Producer, says: “We're so pleased to be entering Ogmios' world - a happy place of meditation, ultra-considerate driving and fearless scooter boys. We hope it's a soothing tonic for these times.”

Zen Motoring is available from Sunday 16th January on BBC Three.


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