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Young, Black And Right-Wing | Preview (Channel 4)

Presenter Zeze Millz is on a journey to explore what it means to be young, Black and right-wing in Britain today. Outspoken in her own views, Zeze has come under fire for views some see as conservative.

Now, she's in search of answers. Why can it be hard to express these views? What drives a Black person to reject systemic racism? Has the left lost touch with Black communities? How much of a barrier to success is racism, really? And ultimately, where on the political spectrum does Zeze lie?

The Black British community is often portrayed as a pretty homogenous group, with very similar opinions: left-leaning and liberal, anti-Tory, fed up with the police and, more than anything, incredibly 'woke'.

But for many Black people, this is far from the truth. In fact, there's a whole world of Black Brits who hold polar-opposite views: they're young, they're Black and they're right-wing.

But the Black right is not a homogenous group either. Across the Black right-wing spectrum, there's a range of eclectic groups who vary dramatically in their politics. There are political values that unite these groups, like tradition, personal responsibility and the monarchy.

But there are also significant differences in their politics. Some are social conservatives, who believe casual sex is ruining Britain; while others are entrepreneurs, passionate about business, economic growth, making money and low taxation.

In the past, Zeze has voted for both Labour and the Conservatives. Now, she's on a mission across Britain, meeting the various right-wing groups and uncovering their radical, sometimes controversial, views - and working out where on the political spectrum she is.

She wants to understand the views of these right-wing groups and individuals to discover where she might have common ground, and where she might clash.

Zeze meets a strong-minded community of social media stars, right-wing influencers, those with strongly held Christian views, and those from within the Conservative party. Delving into a number of complex issues, this film examines young Black politics in Britain.

Young, Black And Right-Wing airs Thursday 27th October at 11:05pm on Channel 4.


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