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World's Most Secret Hotels | Preview (Channel 4)

From underwater retreats and remote desert lodges to cliffside dwellings and treetop cabins, this series visits the most hidden and remote hotels on the planet.

The opening episode explores Cambodia, Italy, Wales, Sweden and England. In Cambodia, we venture to the Shinta Mani Wild Hotel on the banks of the Timor Rung River. In Italy, we visit The Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Hotel, which is situated on an ancient clifftop, hewn into the limestone rocks.

In Wales, we visit two unique and camouflaged sites, the Clifftop Holiday Lodge in Caerwenfor - a stone cottage that is sunk into cliffs formed more than 500 million years ago - and the 'Decoy Bunker' in Monmouthshire - a Second World War bunker built specifically to throw German bombers off the scent of nearby targets.

In Swedish Lapland, we venture to The Tree Hotel in Harads, a remote village surrounded by forests. And in England, we visit South Devon, known as 'The English Riviera' and discover, on a secluded island 250 metres offshore - The Burgh Island Hotel.

The World's Most Secret Hotels begins Sunday 29th January at 6:45pm on Channel 4.


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