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Walter Presents: Mobile 101 | Preview (Channel 4)

Walter Presents - which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world - continues with the first episode of this sharp Finnish drama, which is available to stream in full from 19 May.

Starring Satu Tuuli Karhu, Emil Kihlstrom, Sampo Sarkela, Aki Sipola, Kristo Salminen, Laura Malmivaara and Juuka Puotila. In Finnish and English with English subtitles.

In the late 1980s, Nokia, one of the most prestigious and oldest businesses in Finland, is looking very shaky financially. Visionary CEO Kari Kairamo charms his way through the business world, but that won't satisfy Chief Financial Officer Jorma Ollila who is doing his utmost to rein in what he sees as Kairamo's reckless acquisitional spree.

At the same time a brilliant electronics engineer, Risto Salminen, has become obsessed with a rival's new mobile phone and is determined to create a smaller and more efficient version. Young lawyer Katerina Tammi, desperate to find a place in the world, starts working at the company's telecommunications base right at the time when the dazzled development techies are switched on to Risto's project.

The company is at a combustible point, the leading execs are at loggerheads but there is thrilling potential at hand. It's all to play for.


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