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All The Sins | Walter Presents Preview (Channel 4)

Walter Presents - which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world - continues with the third series of the atmospheric and intense Finnish crime drama from Walter Presents.

Starring Maria Sid, Johannes Holopainen, Matti Ristinen, Inka Kallen, Jaako Ohtonen, Kreeta Salminen, Jarkko Latti, Maija Andersson and Saimi Raty. In Finnish with English subtitles.

After the devastation of their previous visit to Varjakka, detectives Lauri Raiha and Sanna Tervo reluctantly return to the strict religious community for another murder investigation.

The town's former county constable, Karlo Ahola, has been found dead in a forest with a message pinned to his chest requesting that Lauri and Sanna head the case. Helping them is superintendent Jussi Ritola, who bears the weight of decades of deception on his shoulders.

During their talks with locals, the investigators are led to a support group for divorced men. At the same time, Aari Leppihalme's home is invaded by another ex-con who brings unsettling news which may make it difficult for him to stay on the straight and narrow.

To coincide with the launch of the full series on All 4 from Friday 24 March, the first episode transmits on Channel 4.


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