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Virtually Impossible | Preview (YouTube)

Stellify Media, the production company behind Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, has partnered with Joe Sugg's production company Final Straw Productions to produce a brand new VR game show, Virtually Impossible.

Joe Sugg hosts 7 contestants through a childlike assault course as quickly as possible. Virtually Impossible will drop on ThatcherJoe, on Sunday 24th September.

All very straightforward except for one catch – all the contestants are in VR and this simple course now becomes their worst nightmare. From monsters in mazes to terrifying zip wires Joe serves up simple tasks that become Virtually Impossible.

Joe Sugg said: “Virtually Impossible is an extremely exciting project that we have been developing for some time. It’s amazing to be working with Sony Pictures Television and Stellify Media and finally seeing it all come to fruition. I’m sure it will bring surprise, entertainment and emotion to everyone at home.”

The VR has been curated and bespoke built for the project by the cutting-edge immersive tech company, AiSolve Limited, led by the co-founder and tech visionary, Prajay Kamat.

Prajay Kamat said: “Nothing excites us more than being part of a project that is the “first of its kind” so the ideation for the Virtually Impossible concept, a unique game show format, was something right up our street...

"As the tech partners, it was an amazing experience to work with the creative spearheads, Sony and Stellify Media, to see the vision of bringing the best of immersive tech and digital entertainment together become a reality.”

Virtually Impossible lands Sunday 24th September on Joe Sugg's YouTube channel.


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