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Van Der Valk | Series 3 Preview (ITV1)

Marc Warren (Safe, Mad Dogs, Hustle) reprises the titular role of Commissaris Piet Van Der Valk in the third series of detective drama Van Der Valk which is filmed entirely on location in and around Amsterdam.

The street-smart detective is once again joined by Maimie McCoy as Inspector Lucienne Hassell, Darrell D’Silva as team pathologist Hendrik Davie and Emma Fielding as Chief Commissaris Julia Dahlman.

Returning cast are joined by new team members Sergeants Citra Li played by Django Chan-Reeves and Eddie Suleman played by Azan Ahmed. The return of Van Der Valk sees the Dutch detective and his team solving three more homicides in the city.

Episode 1: The team are immediately plunged into an investigation following the dramatic shooting of an idealistic Freerunning champion, which draws them into the murky world of drug smuggling before revealing a deeper, darker personal tale of envy. Along the way Van Der Valk is also thrown unexpectedly back into contact with his ex-girlfriend, Lena.

Van Der Valk returns Sunday at 8pm on ITV1.


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