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Unbeatable | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Unbeatable sees players pit their answers against one another in battles that test their knowledge - and ultimately the courage of their convictions. Four opponents play solo and battle rounds in which they face a question and pick from a board of six rank-able answers.

They can play it safe and earn £100 each time their chosen answer beats another on the board. Or, if they think they’ve picked the best answer, they can take a risk and hit their Unbeatable button. They’ll bank £1,000 if they’re right - but nothing if they are wrong.

After three rounds, just one contestant remains. They’ll face the final, where they could double their bank if they back their own knowledge and prove themselves Unbeatable.

Jason says: “What’s great about Unbeatable is that you can’t ever really look stupid on this show, because the answers are already on the screen - you just have to pick the best one. It’s a brilliant show to work on and this series is going to have people jumping up and down on their sofas and shouting at the telly!”

Michael Mannes, MD 12 Yard Productions says: “We’re delighted to be back with a second series of Unbeatable. Jason is a brilliantly funny quiz host and we’re the sure the audience at home will have a great time playing along.”

Unbeatable, hosted by Jason Manford, returns Monday 3rd April on BBC One.


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