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Trailblazers | Preview (BBC Two)

Three generations of female celebrities - Ruby Wax, Melanie Brown and Emily Atack - are coming together to re-trace the footsteps of Isabella Bird, an inspiring female traveller from the 19th century who has often been overshadowed by her male counterparts.

The famous trio are using her original 1873 book, A Lady’s Life In The Rocky Mountains as a jumping off point for their own historic American adventure.

Travelling alone, Isabella Bird crossed the American Wild West, befriending outlaws, climbing mountains, killing rattlesnakes and facing grizzly bears, in what was an often restrictive era for women in Britain.

In this fun, entertaining, and sometimes poignant adventure series, Ruby, Mel and Emily want to pay homage to a forgotten pioneer, as they explore the people, places, and customs of an ever-changing America.

They’ll challenge themselves in one of the world’s toughest terrains as they journey by any means possible through Colorado’s wild and awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.

After sharing raucous camp side tales and touching stories from their own past, the intrepid trio will reflect on how much has really changed since Isabella’s original journey.

Trailblazers (3x60) begins Monday 28th November at 9pm on BBC Two.


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