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Traces | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Lab Assistant Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor) is now training to be a forensic chemist and is on the cusp of seeing her mother’s murder case finally resolved in the eyes of the law. Daniel (Martin Compston) is to give evidence against his father in the High Court.

Meanwhile, Emma’s friends and mentors at The Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy are investigating a deadly bombing campaign. A series of homemade devices are going off in and around Dundee, with critical clues hidden inside the bombs themselves. Pressure mounts. The city is on edge.

With only bomb fragments surviving each blast, the forensic work is especially exacting and public expectation especially high. Body parts wash up in a nearby loch. Professors Sarah Gordon (Laura Fraser) and Kathy Torrance (Jennifer Spence) need all the tenacity and self-belief they can muster to get to the truth as their work is questioned. Professional and personal allegiances become entangled.

When a bomb fails to detonate it must surely offer a forensic gift. Will the team track down the bomber before their identity goes up in smoke?

Traces is available on UKTV Play and comes to BBC One on Saturday 30th March.


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