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The Only Way Is Essex | Series Preview (ITVBe)

The Essex crew are back and in full holiday mode.

Essex's very own Ken and Barbie, Amber and Dan, are defiant when Dan becomes the hot topic of conversation as a voice note makes the rounds insinuating that Dan got too friendly on a night out with one of Amber's least favourite people.

Meanwhile, Lockie has brought his friend Jordan along on the trip and continues with big lifestyle changes including rebuilding his friendship with ex-girlfriend Yaz.

Yaz also welcomes good friend Junaid, who is a well-known face in Essex, but where are his allegiances when it comes to his old friends Courtney, Chloe M and Amber?

After back-to-back to fights with Billy, Amy is re-assessing their relationship and testing if absence really makes the heart grow fonder - she is also on hand to lend a sympathetic ear to Saff, who is about to turn 30 and is really not looking forward to this milestone birthday.

The Only Way Is Essex return Sunday at 9pm on ITVBe.


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