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Too Hot To Handle | Series 4 Preview (Netflix)

Too Hot to Handle’s cone-shaped robot sex cop is back for a fourth season on Netflix, launching on Wednesday 7th December.

Ten singles will enter a lavish villa in the Caribbean thinking they’re on a new dating show called Wild Love, hosted by Mario Lopez. The stakes are high in this fake reality series, and contestants are hoping to fall in love harder, faster and more intensely than ever.

As the new teaser reveals, the singletons are really on Too Hot to Handle - and Lana still has her eyes on everyone. The prize money is as high as their sex drives, but taking the cash home won’t be so easy.

Can they abstain from sex and self-gratification in order to form meaningful connections and keep the money, or will their temptations prove too strong to resist?

Previous series of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix.


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