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Too Hot To Handle | Series 5 Preview (Netflix)

Too Hot to Handle’s cone-shaped robot sex cop will return to the streaming service for a fifth season.

A new batch of singles will enter a lavish villa but, Lana still has her eyes on everyone. The prize money is as high as their sex drives, but taking the cash home won’t be so easy. Can they abstain from sex and self-gratification in order to form meaningful connections and keep the money, or will their temptations prove too strong to resist?


Alex, 35, London, Personal trainer

Christine, 26, Texas, Model

Courtney, 25, Houston, Real estate agent

Dre, 23, Atlanta, Graduate

Elys, 23, Switzerland, Model

Hannah, 24, Los Angeles, Artist

Hunter, 24, Arizona, Influencer

Isaac, 24, New Jersey, Model

Louis, Hampshire, Model

Megan, 26, Cambridge, Personal assistant

Too Hot To Handle lands Friday 14th June on Netflix.


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