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PREVIEW: Tonight With Target, BBC Three

With British Black music artists dominating across the world, Target hosts this ground-breaking weekly show that celebrates the culture and showcases the hottest music performances around.

Not only will the biggest names in the game be dropping into studio to perform, Target will also be giving a platform to the stars of the future, as well as being joined by huge stars from film, sport, comedy and television to chat in the middle of one of the most immersive and innovative sets on TV.

The show will also be visiting locations throughout both the UK and the rest of the world as iconic faces from the scene perform tracks live in incredible spaces, and Target will be unearthing and uniting talent from around the country for a series of cyphers.

Target will be joined by breakout talent Remi Burgz, who will not only be hosting her own party backstage in the Rider Room but will also be joining a different artist each week as she dives deeper into the culture and the stars within it.

Begins Friday 3rd September on BBC Three.

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