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Tokyo Vice | Preview (BBC One)

Crime drama series based on American journalist Jake Adelstein's non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat acquired by the BBC

Episode 1: Tozawa has escaped justice, and Polina has still not been found. Jake and Katagiri have received a videotape with damning evidence about what happened. As Sato battles for his life in intensive care, Samantha is trying to look to the future by opening a club of her own.

Episode 2: After his plan to nail Tozawa backfired, Katagiri has been moved humiliatingly off the Yakuza beat, as has Jake, who is now investigating a spate of motorcycle thefts in Tokyo.

Samantha is learning about the downsides of being in business with the Chihara-kai. Sato finds himself demoted in the organisation and less close to Ishida when his superior Hayama is released from prison.

Tokyo Vice returns Tuesday 14th May on BBC One.


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