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This Is MY House | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Four people all claim to be the same person and to own the same house, but only one of them is telling the truth; the other three are liars.

Trying to uncover the truth from a series of clue-filled videos are celebrity panellists Judi Love, Richard Madeley, Harry Hill and Harriet Kemsley.

Attempting to fool our panel this time are four Joeys. The real Joey owns a newly renovated three-bedroom semi-detached house in the historic Welsh market town of Conwy.

Joey’s home features a spotless white interior, views to the glorious Conwy castle, a room full of beauty pageant gowns and trophies, as well as two eerie life-like baby dolls with human hair. Which of our Joeys is able to make the most convincing claim to owning these items?

The claws are out from the beginning as one Joey is accused of calling the house a dump. All the Joeys learn what a ‘promtrepreneur’ is, and a nice trip to the harbourside to buy an ice cream comes with hundreds and thousands of disagreements.

Back at home, the Joeys divulge all there is to know about their relationship with their stepfather, who must sit in silence as the impostors lie through their teeth to win the show’s cash prize.

After they have been given a guided tour of the house and the surrounding area, it is up to our celebrity panel to pick the Joey they think is the real homeowner. Whoever the panel pick - liar or not - walks away with the cash prize.

This Is MY House returns Friday 10th June at 8:30pm on BBC One.


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