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The Wheel | Series 4 Preview (BBC One)

Spinning back to BBC One and iPlayer, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel makes a welcome return on Saturday nights.

Three contestants hope to answer their way to a fortune, guided by seven celebrity experts - but can they help them to win life-changing cash? That all depends on the spin of The Wheel.

Celebrities on The Wheel in the first episode of the new series are: Claire Balding on Dogs, Darren Harriott on Gaming, Jay Blades on Furniture, Josie Gibson on TV, Mollie King on 00s Music, Richard Madeley on Classic Cars and comedian Tom Allen on Hats.

In each show, seven fantastic celebrities are strapped to the circumference of the giant wheel. Each celebrity has brought one area of expertise to the show – and it is on these areas that the contestants must answer questions.

The contestants themselves are underneath The Wheel, on another smaller wheel! This Contestant Wheel is spun, and whichever contestant is randomly selected, rises up on their chair, to take their place at the centre of The Wheel and begin the game.

The contestant at the centre of The Wheel is in control – if they can stay there until the end of the show then they could win a life-changing sum of money. However, one wrong answer or spin of The Wheel and they’ll be back down to the Contestant Wheel, and they might never return…

Other celebs appearing across the series can be found here.

The Wheel returns Saturday 23rd September on BBC One.


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