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The Walk-In | Preview (ITV)

Stephen Graham takes the leading role, of activist Matthew Collins, a reformed Neo-Nazi, now working as a bona fide journalist for the anti-racist organisation, Hope not Hate.

Written by Oscar nominated and BAFTA multi award-winning screenwriter, Jeff Pope, the drama is an explosive state-of-the-world series that explores some of the most critical and relevant issues of modern times including racism, freedom of speech and terrorism.

It’s a thought-provoking, conscience stirring drama which poses timeless questions - What makes people fear and hate those who are different from themselves? Can someone’s view of the world be fundamentally changed?

Episode 1: The far right in Britain seizes on political unrest caused by the Brexit referendum and Muslim terrorist attacks, culminating in the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Activist Matthew Collins must penetrate an ultra-far-right group planning more outrages, but police intelligence on the group is hazy.

The Walk-In begins Monday 3rd October at 9pm on ITV.


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