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The Traitors | Episode 9 Preview (BBC One)

Last night’s episode of The Traitors saw Faithful Alex’s fate sealed as the next victim to fall at the hands of The Traitors. Her rejection of their offer to join them earlier in the week ultimately put a target on her back, and she was next in the firing line.

With no roundtable last night, it was up to The Traitors to make their next move as they were tasked with murdering in plain sight with a kiss – but who did they target?

A look ahead at tonight's episode sees the confused players reeling from the news that last night’s murder happened in front of their very eyes – could anything stand out to them from the party that might help them get closer to finding The Traitors?

With the group getting smaller each day and only 11 players remaining, suspicion is rife and once again the players are defending themselves to one another. Fay turns her attention to questioning Amanda, could this mean she's onto her?

More conflict looks set to be on the way but this time between Traitors Wilfred and Amanda. With many fingers being pointed throughout the day, we see Wilfred say privately: “The more the game goes on, the less I trust Amanda.”

As the bonds get even tighter and decisions get tougher, who will be next accused and banished at tonight’s roundtable?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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