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The Traitors | Episode 8 Preview (BBC One)

Tuesday’s episode of The Traitors saw truths spilled over the roundtable as Faithful Alex divulged her recruitment attempt by The Traitors, but could there be another truth bomb about to land?

Something in the air has the players shocked once again as we see Faithfuls Hannah and Theo in disbelief about something they’ve found out. ‘WTF’ says Hannah and Theo announces ‘You trust somebody and then they just go... BOOM’.

A brief look at the day's mission shows the players getting stuck into a dark and dingy challenge that elicits shrieks but can they power through and add more money to the ever-growing prize fund?

After a gruelling day it’s back to the castle as Claudia throws a dinner party for the players to have more of a relaxing evening. However, can there ever truly be a relaxing evening? Claudia hints that another big twist is coming their way during the evening's party games.

Later, Traitors Wilfred and Amanda are each presented with a letter detailing their next task. The letter reads: Dear Traitors, you must murder in plain sight. Will the two, so far undetected, Traitors pull off this challenge or could this be the hurdle that makes them fall?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One, with the series so far available on BBC iPlayer.


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