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The Traitors | Episode 6 Preview (BBC One)

This week has seen tensions rise, contestants return and lots of accusations at the roundtables, but it doesn't stop there.

Last night’s episode saw The Traitors meet once again and deliberate between Faithfuls Fay, Matt and Andrea as their next player to murder from the game. Who will be the unlucky one that won’t be joining the rest of the group at breakfast?

Elsewhere in the show friendships are beginning to crack as we see Maddy and Meryl clash once again – each accusing the other of being a Traitor and questioning each other's gameplay.

The day’s mission takes a hellish turn as a number of the players are buried alive and left to work with their teammates to collate the clues that will lead them to their spot. Can the chosen one's cope underground, and do they trust their fellow players to get them out in time?

In a sneak peak of what the next roundtable entails, there’s a suggestion that a decision made by Will is set to cause shockwaves around the table but whose number is up?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One, with the series so far available on BBC iPlayer.

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