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The Traitors Final | Episode 12 Preview (BBC One)

22 strangers arrived at The Traitors castle to play the ultimate game of trust and strategy, with the competition reaching its thrilling conclusion tonight.

With just five players remaining and a huge £81,050 currently in the prize pot, the group have one final chance to build that up once more. A look ahead at tonight’s episode and spirits are high around a once heated breakfast table, as the group cheers in celebration of making it to the final day.

Tension remains in the air as the players can almost taste the prize money. ‘I just can’t let a Traitor take all this money’ says Hannah. An exhilarating helicopter ride kicks off the mission of all missions, and the group tackle heights and open water during their final challenge.

After four weeks of game play, suspicion, and teamwork, it all boils down to this. Who will walk away victorious? Can the Faithfuls catch out the remaining Traitors before it’s too late?

The Traitors concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Watch the series so far on BBC iPlayer.


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