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The Toy Hospital | Preview (Channel 5)

At The Toy Hospital, a team of the nation’s most expert toy restorers join forces to fix some of the UK’s most iconic dolls, toys and games.

In each episode three broken toys - from Barbies and Action Men to Cabbage Patch Dolls and BMX bikes - are brought back to life at the hands of the Toy Doctors. Once they are nursed back to full health, their grateful owners return to be reunited with their precious playthings.

In the first episode, cuddy toy specialist Dr Jax takes on the emotionally-charged repair of a fragile and faded panda bear of huge significance to its current owner Norma. The bear was once the beloved companion of Norma’s son Alan, who passed away when he was just 16, and now Dr Jax has the huge responsibility of restoring him to full health.

Puppet specialist Dr Shaun tangles with Giant, an iconic 1960s Pelham Puppet whose missing strings and broken body mean his performing days are well behind him.

Owner Tim and his granddaughter Lizzie are desperate to see Giant back up and running again, and Lizzie already has a puppet show planned, but only if Dr Shaun’s life-saving surgery goes to plan.

And Dr Charlotte has the tricky task of fixing a battered Doctor Who Tardis, now its mysterious magic trick has stopped working. It will take all her skills and experience to diagnose the problem and bring about a cure.

The Toy Hospital begins Friday 24th November on Channel 5.


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